Tailoring Ladies Dress Suits

March 5th, 2015

If you read any single dress suits for women review , you’ll know that even the top brands of suit recommend getting the suit you purchase tailored to suit your body. It may seem like an unnecessary step, especially if you have a body that fits off the rack clothing pretty well, but remember that a suit is a very structured garment, and even a little tweak in the fit will make a big positive difference to the look you get. Here’s some other things you should know about tailoring ladies suits.

Alterations vary in price
This one seems very obvious, but it’s important to realize. Different types of alteration will be priced differently. Raising a hem quickly will cost a lot more then tweaking a jacket. This is why it’s always best for you to get the suit that fits the best possible way when you purchase it, rather than getting one that ‘sort of’ fits and needs extensive alteration. Remember, there’s even the option of getting a bespoke suit specially created just for you from scratch- but that is obviously always going to be the priciest option.

This means that you will need to make sure that you get a good tailor, too. Almost every dry cleaners will offer a tailoring service, and that can be great for the simple things. However, you want a high quality tailor to organize a whole suit’s worth of alterations for you, preferably one who specializes in suits.

Remember that there is also the option of purchasing your suit from a custom fitting store. While they do turn over high volumes daily, they are also very well versed in the suits they sell and how to make them look great on bodies like yours. It’s also a good idea to get reviews of places form family members. You may want to give a new tailor a test drive before entrusting them with an expensive suit. Alternatively, start with a simple alteration and see how it goes from there. And remember, you need to be willing to pay them what the services is worth. If budget’s a issue, get a price from them beforehand.

One last thing to understand is that prices may vary even within the same tailor depending on the material used in the suit. It’s an important thing to realize, especially as the ladies business suit market widens into a variety of fashion fabrics. Some fabrics are simple to work with, and others are not. The expense of the fabric will also affect the cost, as more expensive fabrics need a lot more care in handling. Always enquire beforehand about how the fabric will affect the results and the cost. If you’re doing things like changing the color of the lining, enquire what the material will cost versus purchasing it yourself.

Realize that pant bottoms are a style into themselves.

This goes tenfold when dealing with ladies fashion. Even on men’s suits, a cuff and a hem are not the same thing. A cuffed pant has a visible fabric fold at the bottom. Hemmed pants simply end neatly. Make certain that the style of the pant you’ve bought- from the newer skinny styles to the traditional boot leg- works with the hem you desire.

A well-tailored suit will, in the end, make a world of difference to your look.

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How To Prepare For Your Baby’s First Bath

August 22nd, 2014

Congratulations on the newest member of your family! It’s the most exciting time for any mother (especially if this is your first child) to discover and experience a few firsts with your baby: coming home for the first time, the first feeding, the first changing, the first sleepless hour, and, of course, the first bath. Chances are you have heard so much about this intimate ritual from relatives, friends and your readings that when the time comes you are most often surprised that each baby is unique and hard rules rarely apply. It is up to you to figure out what works for both of you and what advice to skip on.

We have, however, selected the few basic tips that seemingly apply to all first baby baths. These do not depend on your baby’s particular personality, but are rather technicalities that you should familiarize yourself with. After all, the first bathing is not up for too many experiments, but you should, above all, remember to enjoy the fresh bond you are forming with your child in those precious moments.

Test the waters

Babies’ skin is so tender and sensitive that it is essential to ensure their comfort by adjusting the temperature of both the air and the water. Turn up the heat in the bathing room to a comfortable 75 to 80 degrees and fill in your sink or tub with pleasantly warm water. It’s a good idea to test the temperature with your elbow which is more sensitive than your fingers. Remember not to fill in a baby’s bathing tub with the baby already inside. Run the water while your baby is still in the crib and come back together when it’s already full.

Slide your baby in and soap up sparingly

Slide the child gently and slowly into the warm water, feet first. It is important to use the right products at this stage. The baby bathing product industry is so advanced nowadays that there are numerous tear-free shampoos and gentle pH-balanced soaps and wash gels. Don’t wash the hair at every bathing – once or twice a week is enough. Lather up (actually, soap up is more appropriate as you should use only a few drops of product) from the top down, leaving the grimiest parts for last.

The washing routine

Massage each area with the tops of your fingertips, including the top of the head where the spot is still soft. Don’t worry about breaking your baby’s head, it is not possible as long as you use gentle movements. Wipe the eyes and the outside of the ears with a damp washcloth (never use Q-tips for your baby’s ear cleaning routine). Be especially tender with the baby’s private area and use a damp washcloth.

The drying routine

Don’t use a coarse towel to dry the baby’s skin since their skin is not like an adult’s. Use a bath sheet instead. There is no need to invest in expensive sets, a cheap Bath Sheet works fine as long as it is 100% cotton and naturally dyed. Finally, did you know that the first color that babies recognise is yellow? Get a yellow bath sheet to make your baby happy and gently pat, don’t rub the sensitive skin.

The Style Of Feeling And Threading

May 7th, 2014

Creativity is a must when it comes to doing the very popular embroidery designs. But not only that, you need more tools when associating creativity in making embroidery projects. Coming up with a design may take a little time and effort to do. There are such so many things to put in mind to make the design a satisfying and elegant one.

Embroidery designs were common throughout generations. They were considered as a necessary skill if we trace back to primitive times, early people use embroidery to sew, stich and patch their clothing. Then through innovation, embroidery was made an art. It involved using designs and patterns, different styles and techniques and different presentation of colors from various material used such as colorful threads and yarns. Either handcrafted or done by machines, embroidery designs are simply intricate and beautiful. All-over embroidered scarfs, embroidered wear, garment embroidery, simple cocktail dresses, cushion cover, bed covers, and curtains are just some of the types of fabric embroidery. Embroidery designs vary upon the size, the dimensions and the kind of textile being used.

If it comes to the textile industry where mass production of embroidered materials was made as business, designing these products must come in a wide variety. Designers should coincide with the workers, evaluating the kind of work they can do and the materials they use. Designers and workers must be entirely in sympathy, not just understanding each other but also feels with each other. Surpassing the test of compatibility, that the designer not only knows the conditions under which designs should be carried out but also putting in mind what kind of work that should be done.

Top embroidery designs are commonly the smaller designs, for they are easier to do. Designs such as, shirt logos, emblems, word(s) or verses, and animated designs such as small animals, flowers, leaves and superhero logos. It also comes in designs involving different patterns, which were smaller designs that were repeated and form patterns. And in Muslim culture, it involves bigger designs with curvy features, Arabic words and also patterns relating to their traditions and culture.

Common standards for embroidered designs were its color, materials used, its complexity whether it looks simply but the design is actually complicated, and then we may also include the price. Of course, embroidery is not just considered as a pastime handicraft but it is also associated in business. Selling embroider designs are common in the textile business. Although shirt printing is available, many still prefer embroidered materials. It looks much classier, much more if it is hand crafted. Even though embroidery machines also available, the distinction of these embroidered product are easy to tell. Machine crafted embroidery is much more precise and intricate when it comes to design, while hand crafted embroidery may come with flaws that are visible or inaccuracy. But still it has more worth and compliments to the embroiderer.

Embroidery designs are considered as art wherever its origin came from. Still the people decide and classify the design that suits their interest, style and satisfaction.