The Style Of Feeling And Threading

May 7th, 2014

Creativity is a must when it comes to doing the very popular embroidery designs. But not only that, you need more tools when associating creativity in making embroidery projects. Coming up with a design may take a little time and effort to do. There are such so many things to put in mind to make the design a satisfying and elegant one.

Embroidery designs were common throughout generations. They were considered as a necessary skill if we trace back to primitive times, early people use embroidery to sew, stich and patch their clothing. Then through innovation, embroidery was made an art. It involved using designs and patterns, different styles and techniques and different presentation of colors from various material used such as colorful threads and yarns. Either handcrafted or done by machines, embroidery designs are simply intricate and beautiful. All-over embroidered scarfs, embroidered wear, garment embroidery, simple cocktail dresses, cushion cover, bed covers, and curtains are just some of the types of fabric embroidery. Embroidery designs vary upon the size, the dimensions and the kind of textile being used.

If it comes to the textile industry where mass production of embroidered materials was made as business, designing these products must come in a wide variety. Designers should coincide with the workers, evaluating the kind of work they can do and the materials they use. Designers and workers must be entirely in sympathy, not just understanding each other but also feels with each other. Surpassing the test of compatibility, that the designer not only knows the conditions under which designs should be carried out but also putting in mind what kind of work that should be done.

Top embroidery designs are commonly the smaller designs, for they are easier to do. Designs such as, shirt logos, emblems, word(s) or verses, and animated designs such as small animals, flowers, leaves and superhero logos. It also comes in designs involving different patterns, which were smaller designs that were repeated and form patterns. And in Muslim culture, it involves bigger designs with curvy features, Arabic words and also patterns relating to their traditions and culture.

Common standards for embroidered designs were its color, materials used, its complexity whether it looks simply but the design is actually complicated, and then we may also include the price. Of course, embroidery is not just considered as a pastime handicraft but it is also associated in business. Selling embroider designs are common in the textile business. Although shirt printing is available, many still prefer embroidered materials. It looks much classier, much more if it is hand crafted. Even though embroidery machines also available, the distinction of these embroidered product are easy to tell. Machine crafted embroidery is much more precise and intricate when it comes to design, while hand crafted embroidery may come with flaws that are visible or inaccuracy. But still it has more worth and compliments to the embroiderer.

Embroidery designs are considered as art wherever its origin came from. Still the people decide and classify the design that suits their interest, style and satisfaction.